Commercial Concreting Bundaberg Rockhampton and Sunshine Coast

Commercial tilt panels Bundaberg

Commercial and Industrial Concreting

Colcrete concreting undertakes all types of concreting works across the Bundaberg and Rockhampton surrounding areas. We have experience in commercial concreting and managing large scale projects.

With over 30 years of experience Colcrete Concreting is your number one choice for quality commercial concreting.

Colcrete has a skilled and innovative team with a well trained workforce capable of producing high-quality concrete products to client’s requirements.

Colcrete has set a new standard for combining quality and speed of execution.

The commitment to service and quality has positioned  Colcrete to accept and excel at projects relating to tilt panels, concrete slabs, suspended slabs, flooring, footings and parking space solutions also road culverts construction. Colcrete can also offer to liaise with the client and supervise with all trades until the project is ready for the next phase.

The ongoing commitment to quality, requirements, safety and expectations are some of the true characteristics of Colcrete Pty Ltd

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